17 October 2022

AMR CyberSecurity awarded G-Cloud framework contract. AMR CyberSecurity is delighted to announce that we have been awarded a Framework Contract to offer our services on the G-Cloud 13 framework. Users of G-Cloud 13 will be able to buy cloud-based computing services such as hosting, software and cloud support, including many off-the-shelf, pay-as-you-go cloud solutions. The new framework intends to build upon the benefits of the previous G-Cloud framework by allowing users to access multiple suppliers and cloud services, including a high number of SMEs. “We’re delighted to have been given the opportunity to supply our services on the new G-Cloud 13 framework,” said Rachel Bi, sales director of AMR CyberSecurity. “It’s a great resource for users to find suppliers at a faster rate with reduced costs, and will be a huge step forward for AMR.” You can access AMR CyberSecurity’s services on G-Cloud 13 from 9th November.

14 July 2022

AMR CyberSecurity is proud to have signed the Armed Forces Covenant, a promise from the nation that those who have served in the armed forces, and their families, are treated fairly. At AMR we believe that those who serve in the Armed Forces, whether Regular or Reserve, those who have served in the past, and their families should face no disadvantage compared to other citizens in the provision of public and commercial services. Recognising those who have performed military duty unites the country and demonstrates the value of their contribution. We recognise the contribution that Service personnel, reservists, veterans, the cadet movement and military families make to our organisation, our community and to our country. We will seek to uphold the principles of the Armed Forces Covenant by: ·       * Employment support to members of the Armed Forces Community ·       * Communications, engagement and outreach “It is a real honour and a privilege to be involved and support the Armed Forces community,” says Sales Director Rachel Bi. “We are fully committed to this initiative, ensuring that no member of the Armed Forces community faces a disadvantage through recruitment and career progression.”

30 June 2022

AMR CyberSecurity appointed as supplier to Digital Outcomes and Specialists 6 framework AMR CyberSecurity has been appointed as a supplier to the Crown Commercial Service's Digital Outcomes and Specialists 6 framework. From 29th July, public sector organisations will now be able to access and buy AMR’s services through the government framework. The framework is part of the UK government's Digital Marketplace initiative which aims to transform the way the public sector commissions digital and cloud services, making it quicker, more cost-effective, and simpler to find suitable technology partners. Digital Outcomes 6 will allow all public organisations to find suppliers who can design, build and provide clearly defined bespoke digital projects and services using an agile approach. This will enable businesses like AMR to establish relationships with public organisations, widening competition and enabling greater innovation. "I am excited for AMR CyberSecurity to get involved with the framework," said Rachel Bi, sales director of AMR CyberSecurity. "It is a valuable initiative, helping to open the door for SMEs to work more with public sector organisations."

23 June 2022

  AMR CyberSecurity is delighted to announce that Martin Walsham has been appointed as a member of the CREST UK Council. Following an election at the CREST GB AGM, Martin Walsham, director of AMR CyberSecurity, was appointed to the UK Council, alongside Oliver Church, CEO at Orpheus Cyber, Simon Clow, Associate Director at Context Information Security and Ben Turner, Head of Advisory Services at Nettitude. Martin is an industry-recognised cyber security expert with expertise in risk management, security architecture, policy development and security leadership. He has extensive experience in developing trusted assurance models for hardware and software systems and leading the evaluation of those systems under trusted assurance scheme models. As director of AMR CyberSecurity, he has been directly involved in shaping the maturity of the cyber security ecosystem both on a National and International basis through memberships of working groups, research, the development of new schemes and standards, and through his previous work on the Executive Board for CREST. Martin has led and participated in research programmes and shaped schemes that use threat intelligence to test the resilience of critical national infrastructure, with specific schemes relating to civil nuclear (NBEST), telecoms (TBEST), Government (GBEST) and financial sector (CBEST & TIBER EU). Rob Dartnall, Chair of CREST’s UK Council, said “These are certainly exciting times for CREST and I am looking forward to collaborating with the council members.” “I am delighted to join the CREST UK Council to help CREST in its mission to build capability, capacity, consistency and community in the global cyber security industry,” said Martin Walsham.

16 May 2022

AMR CyberSecurity is proud to be a sponsor of Cyber Scheme, a not-for-profit organisation that aims to support and deliver a new route into the industry by providing an alternative examinations body.     With the help of their sponsors, The Cyber Scheme support, educate, and recruit the new generation of talent who traditionally have been unable to access a career in cyber security. By providing Government-approved examinations and training, Cyber Scheme aim to help sponsors source and train the next generation of cyber security professionals by ensuring that they’re ready to work in the industry.    Martin Walsham, Principal Consultant at AMR CyberSecurity, said, “AMR is proud to be a sponsor of Cyber Scheme to support the work that they are doing in addressing the current skills gap and providing opportunities and learning courses to those who have previously been unable to enter the cyber security industry. We look forward to using our knowledge and experience to assist with future projects.”   "We are delighted that AMR CyberSecurity will be supporting The Cyber Scheme's vision for improving the cyber security industry from within,” says Charles White, Managing Director of The Cyber Scheme. “We value their expertise and are excited to draw on the skill and knowledge of the team, especially as we move into projects involving improving standards for red teaming and incident response".

25 March 2022

AMR CyberSecurity partners with cyber threat intelligence company SecAlliance    Cyber security service provider AMR CyberSecurity has announced that it is now an authorised reseller of SecAlliance threat intelligence services. The partnership will allow AMR to better support its customers for red team engagements and CREST STAR engagements. These are the most realistic way to test how a company can defend itself against security incidents through real-life scenarios.    “I am delighted that we will be working with SecAlliance to deliver threat intelligence services for our customers,” said Martin Walsham, CEO of AMR Cyber Security, “We provide penetration testing services, so SecAlliance is a good fit for us, has similar values, has achieved the highest levels of industry accreditation for cyber threat intelligence – including CREST STAR and CBEST – and they employ the very best, highly qualified threat intelligence professionals.    Through the partnership with SecAlliance, AMR CyberSecurity will be able to ensure that the simulated attack-based testing is based on the tools, tactics and procedures (TTPS) used by threat actors and that it is always relevant to the specific customer and the sector they work in.   “The strength of cyber threat intelligence lies in its ability to provide context,” explained Rob Dartnall, Head of Intelligence at SecAlliance. “The market is full of providers that present information without context, at SecAlliance this the research, analysis and insights we provide is one of our strengths. We provide real intelligence that is gathered, analysed and curated by true intelligence experts with real world experience. As true penetration testing experts AMR Cyber Security are the ideal company for us to be working with on red team and other intelligence-led penetration testing assignments”    

24 February 2022

AMR CyberSecurity has successfully achieved CREST accreditation for Simulated Target Attack (STAR) Intelligence-Led Penetration Testing services. CREST developed the STAR framework working alongside the Bank of England (BoE), UK Government and industry, to deliver controlled bespoke, intelligence-led cyber security testing. STAR incorporates advanced penetration testing and threat intelligence services to replicate cyber security threats more accurately to critical assets. “AMR is now one of only 28 companies that are STAR accredited across the globe,” said Martin Walsham, CEO, AMR CyberSecurity. “Gaining STAR accreditation is part of the rigorous approach we take in helping our customers mitigate risks and safeguard against advanced cyberattacks and it provides them with assurance that our penetrating testing processes have been independently validated to the highest standards.”

1 December 2021

AMR CyberSecurity is proud to now be a Digital Marketplace supplier under the ‘Digital Service 3’ (DS3) framework.  This allows us to provide customers ‘Cyber Security Services’ as an assured National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) organisation. Validating that AMR CyberSecurity has been assessed by NCSC, the National Technical Authority for cyber security in the UK. Being a supplier on this framework aligns with AMR CyberSecurity’s foundation goal of providing the best human lead penetration assessment and security assurance services.

15 November 2021

We are pleased to announce that AMR CyberSecurity have been awarded the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) CHECK accreditation. NCSC CHECK scheme is widely known to be the most trusted security accreditation that focuses on UK Government, Public Sector and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) systems assurance testing. Martin Walsham, Cyber Security Director congratulated the entire team for the hard work on obtaining this gold standard in cyber security testing.

12 November 2021

AMR CyberSecurity Presenting at LegalEx. Two of our Principal Consultants were presenting this week at LegalEx in London .  Presenting on Hacking Wireless Keyboards and Mouses and how to defend against them.  Check it out: LegalEx Show London

19 May 2021

AMR CyberSecurity achieves Cyber Essentials Plus Certification and becomes an IASME Cyber Essentials Certification Body. Martin Walsham, director of Cyber Security stated that we are proud and excited to be able to offer this service to our customers..

27 April 2021

AMR CyberSecurity achieves IASME Gold accreditation. Martin Walsham, director of Cyber Security stated that we are proud to have achieved this internal accreditation in order to provide assurances to our customers around how we protect their data.

1 October 2020

AMR CyberSecurity is awarded G-Cloud 12 Framework for Security Penetration Testing, Risk Management and Security Architecture. Martin Walsham, director of Cyber Security stated that we are proud and excited to be able to now offer our high-quality cyber security services to the Government sector directly.

28 September 2020

AMR CyberSecurity is awarded CREST Accreditation for our vulnerability assessment service. Martin Walsham, director of Cyber Security stated that the development of the CREST accreditation for this service was an important step for the industry as a whole in terms of maturing the market place.

28 November 2019

AMR CyberSecurity achieves CREST Accreditation for our penetration testing services. Martin Walsham Director of Cyber Security stated this great achievement and we are very proud to become a CREST member company.

2 October 2019

AMR CyberSecurity achieves ISO 9001 Certification. Martin Walsham AMR CyberSecurity Director of CyberSecurity stated that this is an important milestone and demonstrates our commitment to quality...

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