Cyber Security Incident Response

If you have an actual or suspected cyber security incident then it could result in significant operational, reputational and financial impact to your organisation.

Whether it is malware and ransomware, a targeted hack, or internal fraud it is crucial you have qualified trusted experts to quickly support you.

How we can assist

AMR CyberSecurity have a specialist cyber security incident response team available to help you to quickly understand the scope of the incident, to contain it, to eradicate the issue, to reverse engineer what occurred, preserve evidence, and to provide assurance the compromise does not reoccur. Specific services we provide include:

  • Cyber Incident response readiness consultancy
  • Incident response investigation
  • Proactive threat hunting

Why AMR CyberSecurity?

AMR CyberSecurity has extensive experience in carry out cyber security incident response investigations and only use experienced, qualified, vetted incident responders. All of our investigations are carried out in accordance with our robust cyber security incident response methodology.

AMR CyberSecurity is certified in accordance with ISO27001 and ISO9001 providing customers assurance that we manage our quality and internal security in accordance with best practice standards.

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