Red Teaming

What is Red Teaming?

Red teaming is a security assessment that goes further than regular penetration testing, by simulating real-world attack scenarios from the perspective of a malicious attacker to assess and improve the effectiveness of your organisation's people, processes, and technology.

Our Approach and Delivery

Our Red Team engagements are carried out by a team of highly skilled security experts, who can take on the role of an attacker to uncover and expose vulnerabilities that could potentially compromise your organisation. Each engagement is tailored to your specific business requirements. We will work with you to identify key assets with potential threats that would be of interest to an adversary. This will allow us to formulate customised attack scenarios that accurately reflect the risks you are most likely to encounter. We take this further by exploring potential attack pathways and considering the range of threat actors and their access levels. This approach ensures that our reports are not just technical documents, but strategic tools for understanding and managing your business risks.

Concluding every engagement, we will provide a detailed report of all findings identified, though this does not end with identifying and reporting on vulnerabilities. We believe in providing practical and actionable insights to facilitate remediation. Our findings are translated into clear, concise, and prioritised reports that provide real-world remediation advice for each identified vulnerability.

We also understand the difficulty of implementing significant changes, so we will work with you to ensure that alternative solutions can be developed should the original recommendations not be achieved. We also provide post-engagement support, ensuring you have the guidance and assistance necessary to strengthen your defences and enhance your resilience over time.

Why AMR CyberSecurity?

AMR CyberSecurity has extensive experience in security penetration testing and only uses experienced, qualified, vetted security testers. All of our tests are carried out in accordance with our robust security testing methodology.

AMR CyberSecurity is committed to providing our clients with the best customer experience. Our tried and tested methodology ensures efficient and accurate initial engagement and scoping, scheduling, delivery and reporting.

AMR CyberSecurity is certified in accordance with ISO27001 and ISO9001, providing customers assurance that we manage our quality and internal security in accordance with best practice standards.

AMR CyberSecurity is a CHECK, CREST and STAR approved company with a team of experienced principal consultants holding the highest technical qualifications, providing our customers with robust assurance that our security testing methodologies and processes are in accordance with industry best practice.

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