Incident Response - Whitepaper

15 February 2023

Tom Miller from AMR CyberSecurity describes how organisations can best defend against, detect and respond to cyber-attacks.    Many organisations are concerned about potential and actual cyber security attacks, both on their own organisations and through the supply chain. Dealing with cyber security incidents – particularly sophisticated cyber security attacks – can be a daunting, difficult task, even for the most advanced organisations.    The best way to shield against attack is to...

SolarWinds Orion Breach Research

15 December 2020

It recently been highlighted within the wider computer security industry that SolarWinds products are a supply chain risk. Specifically, the Orion platform are critically vulnerable to a remote attack known as “SUNBURST Backdoor” due to some legitimate products from the orgnisation being trojanised with malware during an update permitting a back door into orgnasitation's networks and the data contained on the platform. The SolarWinds Orion product is used to monitor and optimise IT...

Ransomware - It's Not An Attacker Fad

20 November 2020

With the growing trend of ransomware attacks on large established organisations and brands over the last quarter; such as IT service provider 'Sopra Steria' and more recently the beverage brand and manufacture 'Campari'. The Ransomware risk has shown no traction in stopping, or what industries and sectors are being targeted. With many organisations having to invest significance resource to manage this risk. AMR Cyber Security has researched this risk and outlined the key information, risks...

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